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Telecommunications is a larger than 1 trillion dollar per year industry, isn't it time you got your piece of the pie?  Our agent program will prove to be the easiest money maker you've seen thus far. Whether you are a seasoned communications agent or just getting started we can help you begin earning residual income within a few days of joining the GAN Conferencing team!To get started, fill in the form  and your personalized agent portal will be created for you.  Then you can immediately start earning commissions by using your custom URL to begin signing up new subscribers.

We are very excited that you are interested in becoming an agent for our products and services.

There are three reasons why our products and program are designed to make both of us successful:

We offer a FREE web conferencing tool for you to bundle in
All of our products are state of the art and give your clients the features they are looking for without costing them and arm and a leg.
Our customer service team is one of the best in the industry. once you close a sale, you can be sure that our team will take care of them every step of the way.

Here is how our program works:

Personalized URL

Significant Up-Take

Tracking and Reporting

You will receive a personailized URL that your potential clients can use to sign up for a free web conferencing account. We suggest adding the URL to your email signature with a tagline such as "Get your free web conferencing tool here!". In addition, you can design entire email campaigns around this unique URL or create landing pages for website campaigns, and numerous other options.

When a person clicks on your link it will be tracked and added to your reporting module that you have access to as a GAN Conferencing Referral Agent. You can also be notified via email for every person that signs up using your custom links.

Since the account is free you will achieve significant up-take in terms of account signups. You can imagine the number of free subscribers that you can generate through your contacts, network, and referral and sales efforts. Upon signup they will receive automated email campaigns from our company with tips, information, and allows for premium access conversion.

Aggresive Commissions

Supplemental Materials

Agent Program Summary

Our commission payouts are stuctured to not only give you an upfront payout but also recurring payouts for the usage that your accounts generate monthly. This means that you can earn residual commisions while you are out trying to close new deals. We also run quarterly bonuses for the agents who close the most new business. All of our commissions are percentage based so the more you sell, the more money you earn

We provide you with all of the marketing materials that you could ever need. this includes everything from sample emails, to product summary sheets, to even YouTube videos. We also provide you with any training that you may need to be successful selling these products. Our goal is to make you the most successful agent that you can be. We even can provide you with lead lists to generate additional business

You can give away free accounts and they will convert and you will be paid! Then you get commissions for the life of the account. You will also receive commissions on all of the toll-free audio conferencing and operator assisted conferencing. We think you will agree that our unique approach is going to allow you to make such a significant impact on your company that you will be very excited to get started immediately.

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The market for telecommunications and security services is exploding today with more companies and users adopting these tools than ever. What users care about most by an overwhelming percentage is the ease of use of these tools. They want to trust that their solution will be reliable and affordable. Our products provides that benefit along with industry leading customer service and support.

  • Sales collateral, forms and templates

  • Personalized URL generators, Email templates, and ad templates

  • Absolutely free web conferencing platform

  • Allows you to focus on sales

  • Initial and continued sales training

  • Customer training and support

  • No monthly sales minimums or quotas

  • Build a large number of subscribers to grow your evergreen commissions

What we provide you: